Chemical plants must operate efficiently while meeting environmental standards. Sumitomo's high efficiency gear drives simplify all of your chemical processes.

化工搅拌 - Chemical Stirring

Wide Range of Products to Match your Needs

In chemical applications worldwide, you'll find a long list of premium customers who trust Sumitomo Drive Technologies' gear drives to serve their specific needs.

Modular Design
Available configurations allowing direct motor mount for right angle designs
Global Standardization
Availability and support from Sumitomo worldwide
Efficient Operation
Products for optimized gear tooth profile for gear-mesh accuracy
Ease of Use
Standard fixation points for easy mounting of accessories on the side of the gearbox
Unified Lubrication System
Available single oil-bath lubrication systems for ease of maintenance and higher performance

What Separates Us From Competition?

10 +
Manufacturing facilities worldwide
70 Years
of proven performance in the Power Transmission technology
100 %
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs

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