Paramax® 10

Unique combination of European innovation with Japanese state-of-the-art manufacturing

Paramax® 10 Series Features:

  • Split Housing for All Sizes
  • Robust and Compact
  • Option Rich
  • Efficient Cooling
  • 25-Degree Pressure-Angled Gears




Output Solid, Hollow Shaft Key and Hollow Shaft Shrink Disc
Mounting Horizontal
Sizes 13 Frame Sizes
Ratio 6.3:1 to 630:1
Housing Gray Cast Iron or Ductile Cast Iron
Auxiliary Cooling Fan, Cooling Coil, Cooling System
Motor Standard CE, JIS, NEMA, IEC, UL, CSA

Sumitomo's new industrial gearbox "Paramax® 10"

pressure-angle & wider gear-tooth face for higher gear rating
split housing for all sizes
world-leading industrial gearbox designs


High Torque and Low Noise Tooth Form

Well-balanced design provides unmatched performance

Durable and Space-saving Housing Design

Smaller space envelope than Paramax® 9 series. Housing rigidity enhanced through incorporation of reinforcing ribs and Finite Element Analysis

Reduced Noise and Vibration

Optimized load distribution; reduced noise and vibration due to precision grinding, based on advance gear mesh analysis

Split Housing for all sizes

Easy to disassemble and reassemble for maintenance

Efficient Cooling

Internal fins, on the interior of the fan shroud, maximize the effectiveness of the airflow across the surface of the gearbox. This cooling actions helps to maximize the life of the lubricant

Option Rich

More options and configurations for your needs

Please consult a Sumitomo Sales Representative. They will review your application and provide an optimum Paramax selection.

A gear tooth, such as that of Paramax, with a 25-degree pressure angle provides for greater torque transmission due to its wider dedendum. It is also important in minimizing tooth breakage due to shock loading.

Special voltage, dust-proof, humidity-proof, high-temp, special shaft, CSA and NEMA standard conformance options are available.

Emergency 24h Contact

+65 8127 1965

Sumitomo’s Product Support offers scheduled repair services as a one-stop-shop for all your related gearbox needs. For emergency repairs, we offer repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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