Reliability and efficiency are the key requirement of any equipment in the Sugar Industry. Be it production of sugar, ethanol-extractions or generation of energy from residue or by-products, Sumitomo has the quality and reliable drives to delight the customer in the sugar industry worldwide.

What Separates Us From Competition?

70 Years
Of proven performance in Power Transmission technology
100 %
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs
24 Hours
On-call service for urgent requests

One Stop Solution Provider

Our dedicated experts are able to provide complete solution for power transmission and control for all processes of sugar industry, from cane preparation, milling, to crystallization to refining and packaging.

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Seisa Gearboxes are of excellent quality. We recommend them to plant owners whenever they invest in new mills 

Plant Equipment Integrator

When it comes to gearboxes, gearmotors or couplings, Sumitomo has everything we need. For us, they are the first point of contact.

Purchasing Manager

Sumitomo products are engineered to excellence. The 500% shock load capacity of Cyclo and 25 degree pressure angle of Paramax drives are the key features we consider when selecting Sumitomo products for our mill upgrades.

Engineering Manager, Sugar Mill