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With many joints to be driven, speed reducer performance is critical for robotics applications. At Sumitomo Drive Technologies, we offer FINE CYCLO® High Precision reducers for industrial "high speed" and "high precision" robotics, as well as various servo motor reducers for robotic peripherals.

Sumitomo Reducers are the backbone of "high speed" and "high precision" robotics

Industrial robots require "high speed" and "high precision" movement. Sumitomo Drive Technologies' FINE CYCLO® Reducers contribute to saving energy in various fields, by providing the best performance for industrial robotic joint drives, including: zero backlash, compact size, low vibration, high rigidity, high efficiency, and long operating life.

Versatile Line-Up

Our line of products can be used for various applications, from robotic joint drive mechanisms to peripherals.

Expert Sales Engineers

Our Sales Representatives, specializing in Precision Control Reducers, can recommend the best product to fill your needs.


We offer custom manufactured solutions to meet your needs. Don't see what you are looking for on our website or in our catalog? Contact us and put our engineering to the test.