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Parts & Service

All Sumitomo products are covered by a warranty at no extra cost.

In addition, our Product Support Group (PSG) provides the following 7 "Service Programs" that can enhance your Asset Management Program by providing you with long-term value by maximizing the performance of your products.

Service Programs

In-House Repairs
Field Service
Field Services
Inspection Reports
Root Cause Investigation
Commisioning and Start-Up Services
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Warranty Services

Sumitomo offers a complete range of Service Programs from Preventive & Predictive Maintenance to Application Analysis Services. This expertise is based on our extensive product range knowledge and global applications experience. Many of our customers have realized the long-term benefits of implementing one or all of our Service Programs in order to maximize up-time, to protect the value of their investment and to reduce equipment operating costs. 

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Parts List

Find out more about specific product parts.

Parts List

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All Sumitomo products come with a standard warranty.


We Can Help You With That

Our We Can Help You With That video series shares helpful tips for prolonging the life of your equipment and troubleshooting common issues.

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