Cyclo Explode

Aftersales Service & Support

Our dedicated aftersales team provides technical support, troubleshooting assistance, and repairs or replacements for any unit. With years of expertise and experience, be confident in your purchase and trust that we are always here to support you.

Gearbox Replacement thumbnail

Replace/Upgrade Your Obsolete Gearbox

Do you have a gearbox that is obsolete? A gearbox that requires an upgrade in capacity? An existing gearbox that is not supported in your country? Fret not! Our drop-in solution is specially designed to fit onto the existing dimension of your gear reducer.

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Looking for spare parts?

Time-saving for your maintenance or replacement needs, our spare parts list will guide you to find your Sumitomo unit's parts.

Inspection & Maintenance services thumbnail

Ensure Your Applications Run Smoothly

Encountering an issue or problem with our gearbox/gearmotors or just requiring inspection assistance? Our team will gladly assist you to carry out the necessary checks to ensure the operational life of your application. Start by contacting your Sales Representatives and we will do the rest for you.

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Longest Standard Warranty Available

Known among industry leaders as one of the best and longest-lasting drives available, we include standard warranties at no extra charge to ensure your products are well-maintained during your warranty period.

We Can Help You With That

Our We Can Help You With That video series shares helpful tips for prolonging the life of your equipment and troubleshooting common issues.