Inverter SF-520 Series

Easy-to-Use, Simple Inverter for Gearmotors

  • Easily set up parameters.
  • Use the communications software on your PC to centrally manage the inverter parameter settings.


Product Features

Powerful Inverter Ideal for Gearmotors
An automatic torque boost function ensures gearmotor start-up (starting torque of over 150%).
Large Braking Torque
The built-in regenerative braking circuit enables the unit to attain high braking torque by simply connecting the regenerative resistor.
Easy to Operate
Eight panel keys allow for easy operation.
Simple Setup
The parameters can be set up easily using the Setup Mode.
The Verify feature allows you to quickly view all of the parameters that have been changed from the factory default setting.
Centralized PC Management
The inverter parameter settings can be centrally managed on your PC.