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Hansen P4 Multistage - Horizontal

Dedicated Gearbox series to measure all horizontal applications

  • Specific horizontal housing - available in 19 sizes from 6 to 1100 kNm output Torque.
  • Parallel and right Angle - 2/3/4 stage gearboxes with a wide range of reduction ratios.
  • Service friendly with split plane, inspection cover and maintenance-free sealing system.
  • Reliable product series allowing flexible customization and options upon request.
  • Powerful Hansen P4 gear geometry for low noise and vibration levels.
Number of Sizes 19
Housing type Specific housings for horizontal applications
Gears Helical and Bevel helical (in accordance with AGMA)
Stages 2, 3 or 4 stage
Reduction Ratios 6.3:1 to 630:1 and special ratio's upon request
Nominal output torque from 6 to 1100 kNm
Input speed up to 1800 rpm
Shaft type Solid or hollow low speed shaft
Lubrication Splash lubrication

Key Product Facts

Maximum Nominal output Torque (and even larger upon request)
Parallel and Right Angle gearboxes
A wide range of reduction ratios

Advantages of Hansen P4 Horizontal Series

Dedicated Horizontal Housing

Stepped housing, better load distribution & easy access to mounting feet

Split Housing & Large Inspection Cover

Maintenance-friendly, easy inspection without oil drainage

Powerfull Gear Geometry

For maximum load capacity, minimum losses & lower noise levels

Maintenance-Free Sealing Systems

Oil-lock at the high speed shaft designed to keep the oil in and dirt out

Never a Dry Start-up

Centralized oil filling guarantees initial oil lubrication at start-up. During operation, optimized splash lubrication with oil flow through the bearings

Instruments & Accessories

Condition monitoring instruments, Cooling devices & Complete Drive Packages (including base plates or lantern housings, motors, couplings,...)

feature oil lubrication at startup and oil lock

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