Parcel Handling

Parcel handling applications typically have miles of extremely complex conveyors and sorting systems, while operating for long hours and moving a high volume of packages at high speeds.

That's why you can’t afford breakdowns and many major courier services chooses Sumitomo for it's reliability and quality.


Customize Gear Reducer

Parcel handling applications typically operate for long hours and moving a high volume of packages at high speeds. In applications worldwide—wherever there's a need to package, convey, hoist, rotate, index or just push—that’s where you’ll find our gear drives serving the Parcel Handling Industry.

In this environment, you cannot afford breakdowns. With that in mind, many major courier services commit to using our speed reducers for their reliability and high-efficiency performance. We have a wide range of products to match your specific industry needs—or we’ll custom build it to the way you like it.

Global Standardization
Product availability and support from Sumitomo worldwide
Compact Design
The most torque-dense right angle gearbox design available in the industry.
Ductile Iron Housing
New ductile iron housing is twice as strong as cast iron, making it one of the most rugged bevel gearboxes available.

What Separates Us From Competition?

70 Years
Of proven performance in Power Transmission technology
100 %
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs
24 Hours
On-call service for urgent requests

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