HYPONIC® Gearmotor

Right angle gearmotor with hypoid gearing

  • A wide range of choices (15 W - 11 kW) to accommodate all types of uses.
  • Modular design allows for multiple gearhead and motor combinations for increased service factor.
  • A variety of industry packages and options are available, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing and low temperature requirements.

Product Features

High Efficiency
Provides higher reduction ratio than bevel gears, allowing higher efficiency in all ranges of reduction ratio
Robust and Long Life
Hyponic gears are made of case-hardened molybdenum steel to provide reliable and robust operation
Low Noise
Larger contact intervals than bevel gears, Hyponic has a greater transmission capacity hence quieter and vibration-less operation
Light Weight and Compact
Aluminum alloy casing to minimize weight in a strong compact package
Maintenance Free
Long life grease allows operation without changing the grease for a long time and allows installation at any angle
International Standard
Brake motors, special voltages, international standards for outdoor use and other specifications are also available