Hansen P4 Single Stage

Optimal balance between Mechanical, Thermal and Bearing ratings

The Hansen P4 single stage gearbox is available in a parallel horizontal configuration. Technically balanced between optimum thermal and mechanical performance there are mainly 2 series available:

  • The standard single stage series with a monoblock housing are available in 5 sizes with a power rating up to 4MW.
  • The heavy duty single stage series has a housing with horizontal split plane and a dedicated pressure lubrication system with a power rating up to 12MW (available in 4 sizes).

Key Product Facts

1 stage
With a wide range of reduction ratios
12 MW
Maximum power rating
9 sizes
Parallel gearboxes

Advantages of Hansen P4 single stage series

Powerfull Gear Geometry
For maximum load capacity, minimum losses & lower noise levels
Specific Housing
Single stage application-oriented
Large Inspection Cover
Above the oil level for easy and quick inspection without oil drainage
Maintenance-Free Sealing
Oil-lock, designed to keep the oil in and dirt out
Reliable Lubrication
Dedicated pressure lubrication system for heavy-duty
Instruments & Accessories
Application oriented cooling devices, condition monitoring, etc.

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