Food and Beverage

Sumitomo meets the unique requirements of this industry unlike any other manufacturer, with a line-up of products that give you:

  • Maintenance free reliability
  • Precision and speed
  • Sanitary and safe products
  • Clean handling environments
  • High-pressure wash-down environments

F & B Manufacturing

Governing sanitation bodies are recommending higher levels of bacteria control in food and beverage handling environments. Equipment utilized within food handling facilities must be capable of withstanding long-term exposure of chemical wash downs and without external degradation or compromise in performance. Recognizing this, we have developed solutions that will meet your most stringent guidelines.

What Separates Us From Competition?

2 Years
Warranty against defects in manufacturing and labor.
100 %
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs
500 %
Shock-load capacity on Cyclo® reducers and gearmotors.

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With Sumitomo equipment, we have reduced the consumption of electricity, which is to say: we have considerably saved on energy, allowing for the equipment to pay for itself. 

Félix Porras
PaniFresh, Mexico