Prest® Neo

Compact Gearmotor with Unparalleled Benefits

Compact new Prest® NEO design

  • Universal Mounting
  • Maintenance Free
  • Grease Lubrication
  • Low Noise
  • Triple-Lip Seal for Greater Leakage Protection

Obsessively Engineered, Ridiculously Reliable

0 Hours
of maintenance will have you worry free
3 Layers
of seal for leakage protection
20 %
higher radial-load capacity

Unparalled Benefits with Prest Neo

Low Noise
Gears are designed with high-contact ratio and high stiffness to lower the noise
Grease Lubricated
No risk of oil leakage
Compact Housing Design
Parallel-Shaft gearmotor in compact new design with high-rigidity casing and motor