Choose from multiple products and applications to fit your needs. Sumitomo manufactures the toughest products for the rugged and demanding Forestry Industry.  

Wood Products Manufacturing

Many of the gear drives used in the Forestry Industry receive punishment from changing speeds and high shock loads.  Heavy log weights dropped onto conveyors and other applications can snap the teeth of many gear drives. 

Proven through decades of service in forestry, Sumitomo Drive Technologies delivers the toughest gear drives available to meet the harsh demands of these applications.

Join our large base of customers who trust our products to provide them durable and cost-effective performance.

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What Separates Us From Competition?

70 Years
Of proven performance in Power Transmission technology
100 +
Offices worldwide to support your sales and after-sales service
500 %
Shock load capacity with Cyclo units

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HSM Product Renders
Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)
Torque range
256 Nm - 44051 Nm
2266 in-lbs - 389884 in-lbs
Ratio range
5:1 - 25:1
Shaft configuration
Paramax® 10
Torque range
9000 Nm - 103000 Nm
79657 in-lbs - 911626 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.3:1 - 630:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle
Cyclo® Gearmotor
Power range
0.1 kW - 132 kW
0.13 HP - 175 HP
Ratio range
2.5:1 - 658503:1
Shaft configuration
Optidrive P2
Power range
1 HP - 224 HP
Optidrive E3
Power range
1 HP - 224 HP