Paramax YVD065P3DG
Paramax YHD090
Paramax YVD065P3DG
Paramax YHD090

Paramax® Y series for POM 

A dedicated range of products for all applications suitable in the Palm Oil extraction mill and kernel process to meet industry needs and demands.

Paramax® Y series for POM 

  • AGMA 12, High Quality Gearing Accuracy 
  • Protuberance Hobbing
  • Tip Relief and Crowning
  • 25-Degrees Pressure-Angled Gears
  • Comprehensive Product Range

Highly Customized, dedicated to the Palm Oil Industry

25 Degrees
Pressure-Angle Gears
80 Years
of Sumitomo Engineering
10,000 Units
sold globally with proven track records

Key Features

25° Pressure Angle
Thicker gears to increase gear strength
High quality gearing accuracy to increase strength and durability
Protuberance Hobbing
Eliminates stress concentration and improved gear performance
Tip Relief & Crowning
Improves contact, reduces noise level
Vacuum Degassed Alloy Steel
Consistent quality, prevents stress concentration due to impurities
Vacuum Carburising
Removes impurities, reduces residual stresses
Paramax YVD065 Banner
Paramax YVD065 Banner

Wide range of series

Paramax® Y series Commonly Used applications
(New) Paramax® YVD065 Digester Drive 5000L-6500L
Paramax® YHD090 High capacity KCP & EFB Machines
Paramax® YHD080P3 Kernel Press, EFB Press, P20-25 Screw Press
Paramax® YHD070 Kernel Press, EFB Press, P20-25 Screw Press
Paramax® YVD060 Digester Drive 3000L/6000L
Paramax® 9000 Thresher Drive

Related Paramax® products

PARAMAX® 9000 Series Reducer

* Rated Torque

Torque range
2600 Nm - 552000 Nm
23012 in-lbs - 4885610 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.3:1 - 500:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle
PARAMAX® SCC Series Reducer for Cranes
Torque range
8500 Nm - 101000 Nm
75231 in-lbs - 893925 in-lbs
Ratio range
22.4:1 - 90:1
Shaft configuration
PARAMAX® Reducer for Extruders, SEB Series 
Torque range
1300 Nm - 36300 Nm
11506 in-lbs - 321282 in-lbs
Ratio range
8:1 - 18:1
Shaft configuration
PARAMAX® SFC Series Reducer for Cooling Towers 
Torque range
10000 Nm - 44000 Nm
88507 in-lbs - 389433 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.3:1 - 22.4:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle
Paramax® 10
Torque range
9000 Nm - 103000 Nm
79657 in-lbs - 911626 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.3:1 - 630:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle