Paramax® Y series for POM 

Harnessing 80 Years of Sumitomo Engineering Know-How

Paramax® Y series for POM 

  • AGMA 12, High Quality Gearing Accuracy 
  • Protuberance Hobbing
  • Tip Relief and Crowning
  • 25-Degrees Pressure-Angled Gears

Highly Customized and Dedicated to the Palm Oil Industry

25 Degrees
Pressure-Angle Gears
80 Years
of Sumitomo Engineering Know-How
10,000 Units
sold globally with proven track records

Key Features

Highest Product Quality
Dedicated Y series Paramax designed specifically to withstand harsh POM operating conditions.
We take care of your Sumitomo Gearboxes and Gearmotors regardless of where you purchased them.
Stocked locally, near major palm oil markets to ensure you receive your gearbox on time.

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