Paramax YHD090
Paramax YHD090

Paramax® Y series for POM 

A dedicated range of products for all applications suitable in the Palm Oil extraction mill and kernel process to meet industry needs and demands.

Paramax® Y series for POM 

  • AGMA 12, High Quality Gearing Accuracy 
  • Protuberance Hobbing
  • Tip Relief and Crowning
  • 25-Degrees Pressure-Angled Gears
  • Comprehensive Product Range

Highly Customized, dedicated to the Palm Oil Industry

25 Degrees
Pressure-Angle Gears
80 Years
of Sumitomo Engineering
10,000 Units
sold globally with proven track records

Key Features

25° Pressure Angle
Thicker gears to increase gear strength
High quality gearing accuracy to increase strength and durability
Protuberance Hobbing
Eliminates stress concentration and improved gear performance
Tip Relief & Crowning
Improves contact, reduces noise level
Vacuum Degassed Alloy Steel
Consistent quality, prevents stress concentration due to impurities
Vacuum Carburising
Removes impurities, reduces residual stresses

Wide range of series

Paramax® Y series Commonly Used applications
(New) Paramax® YHD090 High capacity KCP & EFB Machines
Paramax® YHD080P3 Kernel Press, EFB Press, P20-25 Screw Press
Paramax® YHD070 Kernel Press, EFB Press, P20-25 Screw Press
Paramax® YVD060 Digester Drive 3000L/6000L
Paramax® 9000 Thresher Drive

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PARAMAX® 9000 Series Reducer

* Rated Torque

Torque range
2600.00 Nm - 552000.00 Nm
23012.00 in-lbs - 4885610.00 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.30:1 - 500.00:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle
PARAMAX® SCC Series Reducer for Cranes
Torque range
8500.00 Nm - 101000.00 Nm
75231.00 in-lbs - 893925.00 in-lbs
Ratio range
22.40:1 - 90.00:1
Shaft configuration
PARAMAX® Reducer for Extruders, SEB Series 
Torque range
1300.00 Nm - 36300.00 Nm
11506.00 in-lbs - 321282.00 in-lbs
Ratio range
8.00:1 - 18.00:1
Shaft configuration
PARAMAX® SFC Series Reducer for Cooling Towers 
Torque range
10000.00 Nm - 44000.00 Nm
88507.00 in-lbs - 389433.00 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.30:1 - 22.40:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle
Paramax® 10
Torque range
9000.00 Nm - 103000.00 Nm
79657.00 in-lbs - 911626.00 in-lbs
Ratio range
6.30:1 - 630.00:1
Shaft configuration
Parallel, Right Angle