Bevel BuddyBox® with IE5 Gearmotor

Gear with Ultra-Premium Efficiency IE5 Motor

Sophisticated right angle hollow shaft gearmotor with IE5 Ultra-Premium Efficiency Motor

  • High performance IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Compact and highly efficient drive-package consisting of motor, gear and VFD
  • High input speeds up to 3600 rpm

Bevel BuddyBox® with IE5 Gearmotor

The Drive-package comes in a range of 0,75–4kW and consists of Sumitomo BBB-H Series which is a highly sophisticated right-angle bevel helical Gearmotor IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motor. With the combination of a bevel input and helical output, they make the unit extremely efficient with the capacity for input speeds of up to 3,600rpm. Aluminum construction provides high thermal capacity along with dependable hardened steel gearing inside a lightweight, compact housing that allows easy installation with less load on the head shaft.

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Key Facts

Ultra-Premium Efficiency Motor
>90 %
Cost Saving
Lifetime Grease Lubrication
Environmental Friendly


Spiral Bevel Gear
Quiet operation with great strength and high torque capacity with ease of installation and maintenance.
Permanent Magnet (PM) Synchron Motor
High efficiency, constant torque, low maintenance and high power density.
Low Noise Level
Ideal for applications that requires a quiet work evironment
High Service Factor
For increased reliability, improved safety, long equipment life and improved performance.
High Efficiency
IE5 approved for all its approval advantages: Energy saving, longer life, reduced carbon footprints, reduced noise and up to date regulatory compliance

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