Optidrive Eco

Energy-efficient pump control

Optidrive Eco Pump has been designed to maximize the potential for energy savings in pumping applications, while providing significant additional benefits in reducing installation costs, maintenance costs and downtime.

Save energy, decrease CO2

Save Energy
The eco-vector operation, based on Invertek's advanced motor control, provides the most energy-efficient operation of the pump.
Save Money
Optiflow technology allows easy operation of multiple pump assemblies without the need for a PLC.
Save Time
The simple parameter set allows for rapid commissioning of the pump control systems.

Unit Features

TFT Display
Installed as standard on all IP55 and IP66 models, works from -10 to 50°C
Manual / Automatic keyboard
EMC Internal Filter
Meets EMC global standards
Plug-in Terminals
Integrated Cable Management

OptiTools Studio

Powerful PC Software

  • Powerful PC power-on and programming software
  • Supports multiple drives across the network

Supports 2 key functions

  • Programming and turning on the inverter
    • Loading, unloading and storage of parameters
    • Highlighting changes in parameters
    • Parameter list printing
  • Provides access to the Optidrive PLC programming function
    • Easy PLC function programming
    • Advanced drive control features
    • Multiple functions that can be easily combined to produce powerful solutions
    • Program protection to prevent unauthorized copying

OptiStick Smart

Quick Power on Tool

  • Allows you to copy, backup and restore the parameters of the drive
  • Provides a Bluetooth interface to a PC with OptiTools Studio or the OptiTools Mobile app on a smartphone
  • NFC on board (Near Field Communication) for fast data transfer