Assembly, Sales Office

Monterrey, Mexico

SM Cyclo de México, SA de CV

Av. Desarrollo 541,
Guadalupe, , México

TEL   +52 (81) 8144 5130
FAX   +52 (81) 8144 5130
24 HR   +01 (800)762 9250

SM Cyclo de México SA de CV (SMME) started operations in Mexico on August 1993 providing products and services to the different market industries in which, thanks to the preference of our commercial partners, has become an indisputable national leader in power transmission. In 2011, the plant was relocated to the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León; and the operations started in September of the same year. The Mexican Republic is supplied with these products: CYCLO®, Bevel BUDDYBOX®, PARAMAX®, HYPONIC®, HSM, ALTAX® Neo, ASTERO®, FINE CYCLO®, IB Series P1, PREST® Neo, CYCLO® Servo 6000, among others.